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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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she was able to be gotten loose, but no word on the condition or the train service for vta if there are any delays in the san jose area. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the news cast as warranted. also, new details tonight about the two homicide investigations in the south bay. it has been a violent 24 hours and now the hunt is on. san jose police are needing the public's help to find a man who they say brutally murdered a woman in a hotel room. it now triggered a state-wide alert. we now have information about a stabbing that left a child and her grandmother dead. we have team coverage tonight. more from the san jose police department. and we begin with kimberly terry and the search for the suspect, kimberly. >> reporter: police say they have identified a suspect but could use help from any additional witnesses or the public, anyone who has seen the 43-year-old man. san jose police are looking for
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this man who they killed 35-year-old victoria lozano of san jose. >> one of the employees discovered what we can only describe as a brutal murder scene. >> reporter: her body was found one of the holiday inn expresses in san jose. >> the victim suffered major trauma to her head and multiple injuries. >> reporter: police had no further information but received other information that led them to ppliego. >> he is enroute to mexico, we believe. >> reporter: he m-- his white 1996 chevrolet suburban has not been located with license plate 3 rwr 194. take another look at the man, police wouldn't say what type of weapon was used in the murder
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but says the suspect is considered armed and dangerous, if you see him, police say do not approach him. call police. i contacted the corporate office for holiday inn express, which says that the establishment holds the comfort, safety and well-being of our guests as the top priority and concern. our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time. at this time, the hotel staff is fully cooperating with the police investigation, live in san jose, kimberly terry, bay area news. and the other violent crime less than ten miles away from the holiday inn, we have information from the triple stabbing in san jose, the newly released booking photo of reuben ramirez who turned 28 years old today. police say he lived at the home where the victims are killed and is accused of stabbing his 48-year-old mother, his
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1-year-old nephew and 3-year-old niece, the niece was the only one that survived. law enforcement confirmed that ramirez has a mental illness and deputies have been called to that home before. and crime seems to go up in san jose, and every day fewer officers are able to respond. nbc bay area obtained information showing fewer officers on the streets. nbc bay area damion trujillo has more. >> reporter: well, the stress level keeps mounting for san jose police officers, especially after this final week, the memorial in san jose where the triple stabbing keeps growing, there were several police departments from the san jose police department, 20 of them helping out even though this is a sheriff's deputy jurisdiction. they helped even though the several calls had to be put on hold. officers were on patrol, but 20 had to be pulled to look for a
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suspected murderer on viewmont drive. earlier in the day, officers were used to look into the fatal stabbing at the suspend. hotel. >> increasingly, we're asked to help with those jurisdictions multiple times a day, it absolutely takes a toll. >> reporter: it meant that 50 officers were left to patrol a city of a million. that time they had to put up to ten priority calls on hold, calls like armed robberies and carjackings. calls involving violent crimes. >> the frustration level is enormous. >> reporter: and officers say it will only getkjo worse. 41 officers have already resigned or retired in the first four and a half months of this year alone. sources say more resignations are on the way. that means fewer officers are having to respond to more violent calls. >> the stress in police work is cumulative. over time as you acquire more
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stressors, that be terrible on your health. >> reporter: the doctor worries about the stress on the copsku#o have the jobs. >> they say there will be fewer cops than what the department had at the beginning of the year. >> reporter: the union tells me every resignation means a vote of no confidence for city hall. the mayor tells me in response that now that the fiscal situation is beginning to stabilize "we are in a position to hire more officers and offer modest pay raises to encourage our officers to stay." we're live in san jose, i'm damion trujillo, nbc bay area. and the officers are now searching for the suspect in the city's 16th homicide of the year. the victim was found beaten behind a jack-in-the-box on
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blossom road at around 1:20 this morning. police say#q:ñ the weapon was u understaed in the man's beating that ultimately cost him his life. and no suspects were found. and santa clara closer to ho holding the counties responsible. restaurants are not graded or scored and don't have to publicly post their inspections. since then, the board of supervisors has posted the change. >> reporter: raj, today, the department that oversees inspections reports on changes they have made so far and improving the system. and what could happen next. earlier this year we found out information posted on line about inspections is basically useless. the department of environmental health has started to change that. now after a restaurant is inspected you will see details of violations cited, making it easier to understand. the county has also formed an
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advisory group that will study options for creating a scoring system. officials say it is progress but there is still a long way to go. >> this is one of those times when what you don't know can't hurt you. ignorance is not bliss. you want to know what you're getting, likely to get something better if the person putting the meal on the table knows they can be held accountable. >> restaurants in santa clara don't have to post their inspection report on site. but if you ask to see it they have to show it to you. our undercover investigation found many restaurants won't. so the county sent out post cards reminding restaurants of the law. did it work? well, we wen5c under cover aga and we'll show you what happened tonight at 11:00 and why some are calling for even more change. okay, thank you, jenna, if you have a tip for anyone else in our investigative you nut please call or send an e-mail to the unit. and new tonight at 6:00,
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adding lessons about vio,rq to reading, writing a arithmetic. the state lawmakers are looking at legislation regarding teaching lessons on violence and culture, the bill's author says he hopes the lessons will counter the violence students see through television and movies and video games. individual schools could decide whether to include the curriculum. if approved, it could be in schools in 2015. and a trusted church leader on the peninsula is among dozens arrested in a florida prostitution sting. as jodi hernandez found out, many believe it is hard to understand. >> reporter: that is the reaction of the pastor, learn about a pastor that his church scares space with, is accused of
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trying to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. 45-year-old samuel yun of san leandro was arrested with several others in a prostitution sting in florida, where investigators say he was in town to attend a youth ministry conference. >> for some reason, once people get out of their hometown they think they're invisible, they're safe, they don't know anybody, and nobody knows them. well, surprise. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect, including yun, came to a hotel expecting to have sex but got a surprise trip to jail instead. they say a different man was in the sunshine state for his honeymoon. >> he was in orlando from chicago on his honeymoon. can you believe that? >> reporter: in san mateo, the pastor of yun's new church
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wouldn't talk on camera, but says he is surprised, calling yun a good guy, others don't know what to make of it. >> i know the senior pastor, we all know him and our prayers are with them and just you know, it is a terrible situation. >> if we had not arrested anybody else in this entire operation, it would have been worth all theçó resources knowi that we got this youth minister arrested, who thought he was coming to have sex with a child. >> reporter: so far we're not aware of any concern involving any of the 40 kids the youth pastor oversees here. but he faces serious charges in florida, including traveling to meet a minor and to commit lewd acts. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. and get ready for a unique and wacky event, sudden, the annual bay to breakers race, but this time around the vibe will
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be slightly different. in recent years, sobriety and clothing were required but often ignored. those rules were not new, but this year they may be better enforced. they had an updated safety plan, based in part on what was learned from last month's boston marathon bombings. the bomb techs will be on scene to allow for quick response to any package. we'll also have k-9s around, and then also 16 neighboring agencies have provided regional support. >> still fun but just not as wacky. specifically, they will have k-9 units and bomb technicians on call. a crazy idea, but with your dollars it just may work, i'm scott budman, coming up, how a bay area company may help to bring the blue angels back to san francisco. i would have -- would be still in there. that is a good blessing.
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>> it is a blessing for a lot of people, a local group known around the country for how they get wrongly convicted men and women out of prison. tonight, we'll show you how st. louis cardinals innocence project is getting the job done. and in santa cruz, you see a mountain lion wanders downtown, the amazing rescue. and i'm jeff fournier, we're tracking major cloud cover in emeryville, we'll let you know more about the cloud cover and heating as well. d
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disingenu . right about now a mountain lion who wandered in the santa cruz mountains woke up with a brand-new collar and no memory
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of how he got there. about 7:00 this morning he jumped into the water and found himself trapped by the walls. fish and wildlife officers were on hand for a capture, and rescue crews moved in with nets and confirmed the big cat was a male about 2 years old. he was tagged, collared and released so the wildlife experts can track him remotely from now on. on the peninsula, a six-year legal drama involving one of the nation's leading psychologist is over tonight. 81-year-old william ayers pled no contest to the charges involving young boys referred to him in the '90s. prosecutors identified at many as 30 victims. the first trial he had ended in a hung jury back in 2009. ayres faces a maximum of 22
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years in prison when sentenced this august. and imagine being wrongly convicted and spending years in jail for something you didn't do. it happens quite often. but there is a group in the south bay whose mission is to free innocent people. here is nbc bay area stephanie trong. >> let's talk about what is a switch. >> reporter: from santa clara university, a classroom full of law students to a distant world in oakland. and an emotional homecoming between mom and son, what do these roads have in common? ronald ross's freedom, to be exact. >> feel a whole lot of relief. >> reporter: he was locked up for almost seven years for a shooting he had nothing to do with. >> being in a place like that, something happens -- it is ridiculous. you know? for something you didn't do, it takes a lot out of you. >> and from 40 miles away. this class known as the northern
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california innocence project has exonerated 17 men and women put in prison for crimes they didn't commit. that is since 2001. in the last three months the class has helped to clear not just ross but another oakland man, johnny williams, who spent 14 years behind bars for an attempted rape he was innocent of. >> let me tell you, that is one of the most powerful things to tell. >> reporter: innocence project legal director linda star says the project has given hundreds of students the chance to learn about the criminal justice system, from the best teacher of all, experience. >> we have contributed to policy work and law reform in the areas of misconduct and eyewitness identification and compensation for the people exonerated. >> reporter: students step into the shoes of a real criminal defense attorney, looking through documents, conducting countless interviews and going on field trips to prison. of course that goes past the classroom walls and teaches it
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takes a lot of hard work and patience. >> there is a lot of people in prison where there is nothing -- like who are innocent, and there is potentially nothing you can do. so everyone doesn't get out. >> reporter: but ross made it out. and months after he took his first steps as a free man he came face to face with students from the innocence project who work on cases just like his. >> i mean, if it wasn't for them i would still be in there. so i definitely feel blessed. >> reporter: they asked questions, trying to learn more about that life. >> i knew one day sooner or later i would be out of here. but in the meantime, i just dealt with everyday punches, just took one day at a time. >> reporter: the credit for this class comes in college unit, but for students, the real credit comes with changing a life, allowing people like ronald ross to close old doors and open new ones. and for ross, that path leads back home, and home is where his kids are. >> you know it is going to be
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the greatest moment in my life right now. >> reporter: stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> an amazing group at santa clara university. and quite a change this morning, we saw rain, kind of a nice, pleasant surprise. how much did we get? >> anywhere from trace amounts, to about 200th of an inch. i wanted to show you the radar, you can see from the north bay all the way to the south bay we got into the shower activity again this morning. very, very rare for 2013, as i've been saying we're going down as one of the driest calendar years on record, at least to date. santa teresa, 200th of an inch, not only with the rainfall but yes also windy here. gusts as high as 35 miles an hour in san francisco, concord, 25, santa rosa, also 21, and hayward at 20 miles an hour, the current radar picture has the
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showers produced this morning pushing way off to the east making way for clearing. we still had something to deal with. let's get you to the hd sky network. cloud cover in san jose, generally clearing here with also the blue skies. but as we take you off to the north, what you notice is the marine layer. that is all that cloud cover there, up to about 2,000 feet that youda see right across the peninsula through palo alto and areas to the north. and san francisco, gradually moving in tonight. not only are the clouds and coastline possible, airport delays could happen tomorrow, maybe drizzle for san francisco in the northern half of the peninsula. the jet stream that allowed all the shower activity at least this morning is now going to moderate, lifting off to the north, making way for high pressure offshore. dry winds coming out of the north, potentially increasing our temperatures here again by about 10 to 20 degrees, also lowering the humidity, increasing the fire danger namely as we head into sunday and monday's forecast. so let's get a look at
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temperatures h friday, cloudy but a lot more sunshine than we had for today, expected for tomorrow. with temperatures generally in the upper 60s and also low 70s. heating up here more as we look at the three-day forecast, saturday, sunday, inland temperatures, mid-80s, cool at the coastline. and wouldn't you know it? yesterday the last day of the hurricane season, we had the first named tropical storm alvin, this looks for the storm for the fish at this point. but we'll continue to track it. storms made it all the way up to california. we'll have more all the way throughout the hurricane season on anything that could come our way mehere in california. thank you, jeff. they are a beautiful part of the bay area, but many are becoming an expensive problem. why palm trees have one city digging deep.
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and certainly it was not the normal commute. an incident on bart that has a man behind bars. and where did it come from? the discovery of the elephant seals and the discovery of a health pandemic. we'll be right back in two minutes.
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. it was a hectic commute on bart, a man kept police running, police say the 29-year-old man went up a shaft on the top of the train, he ran along the freeway there, along 980. and he got on the roof again of the bart train. the situation ended with an arrest and a trip to the hospital for a psychological evaluation, the man was sent to jail on suspicion of trespassing, and interfering or delaying the operation of a train. and nurses at marin hospital are warning there is a computer glitch. they want it to be on hold. they say the glitches with the physician order entry system have led to patients receiving the wrong medication. they reportedly warned the administrators before the may 7th rollout. hospital officials challenged
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the suggestion that patient safety has been compromised, saying that in spite of implementation issues the system is safer for patients than the old paper system. and in san mateo county, they're bringing something new, the h 1-n 1-virus, the elephant seals don't get sick from the virus but they could pass it along to the biologists. experts suspect they could have passed them to the seals. the human virus was there before, but never one that was part of a pandemic. and also, an internet celebrity, he is on the wrong side of the law, why police are trying to find him. and the silicon valley start-up takes on the federal government in an effort to get the blue angels to fly again. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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this is interesting, grounded because of the government sequester, but can they be allowed to fly again? >> our tech reporter, scott budman has more on how you can help. >> reporter: well, blue angels has a crazy idea, raise enough money to let them fly q+hhere. it is a big number, but the start-up knows a thing or two about investing, and they're willing to help. >> reporter: the blue angels have taken their last flight over the bay area.
6:30 pm
or have they? inside crowd kill, the san francisco kostart-up that lets anybody invest in the project. they're trying to bring the blue angels back to the bay. >> the last two nights, especially last night it started to take on steam. >> reporter: the ceo showed us how anyone can jump on line and look for investors. in this case, a local blue angels fan wants to raise $650,000, an audacious amount. >> just a way to aggravate that demand and use social media and twitter, facebook, to really kind of spread the words. and it becomes -- still audacious, but a little more doable. >> reporter: the crowd tilt has already been around for a year but already has helped investors from the small to the big. remember, this campaign to replace the boat ruined in the
6:31 pm
boston marathon standoff, all brought by the people that went to the website. >> the communication, the dollars, kind of this natural instinct we have of wanting to be a part of something. so you see it starting to take off. you just want to be a part of it. it is a community taking off. >> reporter: a community that is growing, project by project, and 4,ibsoon to a skyline near you. now we reached out to the navy today. they say the blue angels can't accept private funding for things like fleet week and will not fly until the u.s. government allows for it. crowd tilt says it does not collect money until the final goal is reached and still are hopeful that maybe the two sides can reach an agreement. >> we'll see what happens, thanks scott. and new details in the deadly boston bombings.
6:32 pm
an apparent confession. police say that dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote a note where he was hiding. he said the bombings were retaliation for the bombings elsewhere. he told the same thing to police after his arrest. the two brothers are accused of carrying out the attack last month that killed three people, and wounded over hundred. tamerlan was killed in a police shootout. and u.s. marshals lost two former participants in the program identified as known or suspected terrorists. it was discovered after a justice department audit found gaps in the witness protection program. it says the government failed to provide the fbi screening center with witnesses on the no-fly list. and some may have ended up on commercial flights. those witnesses include suspected terrorists who were placed in the program after testifying against others. >> his name is kye, the hitch hiker, a viral star once
6:33 pm
regarded as a hero. he was called the hatchet wielding hitchhiker after he used the butt of his blade to stop an attack in fresno. he is called a murde&er and wanted for the death of a new jersey lawyer found dead in his home on monday. prosecutors say the lawyer brought kye to his home to spend the night. kye is considered armed and dangerous. and experts say a water leak is probably the culprit behind a mysterious landslide that swallowed homes. it says the soil is saturated. new cracks are appearing every day, continuing to threaten homes in the lakeside heights subdivision. two houses have already been crushed and two others are just hanging on. an emergency was declared after the earth suddenly opened up in
6:34 pm
march, forcing evacuations of seven of the 29 homes. ridership is booming for caltrans they predict service cuts if nothing is done to improve the financial state. in tonight's reality change, we look at how cal train could be changing. >> good evening, the things sound like they're contradictory. doesn't sound like it makes a lot of sense, the cal train rider ship is bringing more money and demands, but the funding is important to cal train, that money, for a variety of reasons is drying up. creating quite the conundrum that they're desperate to find a solution for. right now it is hard to tell if cal-train is coming in with a bang or leaving the station with a whimper. you see ridership has been
6:35 pm
jumping in revenue for three straight years, making a demand for train cars. yet the agency is still in the dark about whether or not they can maintain their level through 2013. >> the contributions are voluntary. and in years where one of the member agencies is experiencing an unusually tight budget, they can reduce their contribution. that is what is happening now. >> reporter: this is jamie ackman of cal train, talking about the vta and city and county of san francisco who collectively share the burden of running and partly funding cal-train voluntary. you see it turns out they don't have any one pot of money dedicated to its operations. this is another way to look at it. they can trace back their woes to where they get their funding, a nice chunk getting larger with the demand. but 40% comes from the power board, the three agencies we
6:36 pm
just mentioned who are seeing their own contributions getting smaller as they struggle withrd their own deficit. >> in their case, there is no money left over. sam trans is operating with a deficit, annual deficit. we're pulling money out of reserves in order to continue to operate our bus and repair transit services and meet our obligations here in san mateo county. >> reporter: but things don't have to come to a stop for cal train. one of the agency's original architects and the man whose name sits on the cal train hub says they really need a short term situation. until they join the 21st century. if they can't pony up money, what about a tax, they say. >> the advantages were there to prove it. we're in a remarkable area in
6:37 pm
california where the people do really understand how transportation and the economy works. >> reporter: but will voters pull the trigger on the tax increase for cal train. he says they have done polling and the two thirds vote required in each county may fly in san francisco orn'k san mateo. but it appears quite unlikely in santa clara. >> going to have to curb your enthusiasm here. even in san francisco polls show the tax would be close to passing, no guarantee. so the reality is when the founders conceived cal train they brought a tool for the bay area. however, they didn't create a funding stream to go with it. unless one is explicitly approved by the voters or created by the state government seems more than likely there will be a service cut'gfç cominy 2015, even with a spike in ridership. up next, if your boss paid you an extra half a million bucks by mistake, would you give it back? it happened to one of the
6:38 pm
giants. we'll tell you what he did after the clerical error. plus, the new health concern linked to cell phons. why each call may hurt your health. and good evening, i'm jeff fournier in the nbc bay area. the weather, the showers a little cooler if you're heading out for amgen tour action, there could be a little bit of cloud cover, a full weekend forecast and major heat coming up in just moments.
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in health matters tonight, your cell phone may raise your blood pressure. new research out of italy found when people who have moderate to
6:41 pm
high blood
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tomorrow? >> we'll have a little bit of gray, blue mixed in. plenty of yellow this weekend. easy to talk about weather and colors, right? all right, you can see outside of the sky camera network in san jose, a few clouds and fire danger, when we could hit 90 degrees coming up. and tree trouble in a bay area city, costing a pretty penny. we'll be right back. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on!
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well, they are beautiful on the embarcadero, actually anywhere you see them. but also, many of them are sick. >> yes, and as nbc bay area joe rosati tells us, there is an expensive problem. >> the embarcadero is now kind
6:45 pm
of a grand boulevard in san francisco. we wanted something that shows that grandness. >> reporter: the city worked on the water front, and put rows of palm trees, but in the past few years, many of those trees have turned brown. >> the palm trees we found have something that is very highly c contagious, a fungal disease. >> reporter: 36 have the disease, another 34 there are showing symptoms. the city has replaced four trees, and plans to replace another three before the america's cup yacht race. but like the trees themselves, the price tag is a tall order. >> to replace the trees, it is about $35,000, digging them up, putting in new palm trees. >> reporter: the city experts are trying to preserve the trees as long as they can. but one spokesperson4÷ said the
6:46 pm
highly contagious trees should be torn down. the department of public works says they're replacing the trees with others not susceptible to disease, they move forward with other development projects, they say. >> we can't keep planning them. we need to look at the palms if we want them for the application. >> reporter: they shouldn't plant the palm trees at all. in the city of transplants and immigrants, others say the tall palms feel right at home. joe rosati junior, nbc bay area news. >> the trees are gorgeous, $35,000 per tree, a lot of money. yes, it is beautiful, though, a check of the forecast, are we in the clear now jeff?
6:47 pm
yes, pretty much when it is the showers, once again, no rainfall again expected here as we continue throughout tonight. we have plenty of cloud cover. you can see as we look at the hour by hour forecast in the next 12 hours, we'll pinpoint the cloud cover continuing to increase here by the coast, at the bay, inland, that stays with us through tomorrow morning. later, the biggest thing for many of you by 1:01, increased sunshine, inland with only low 60s expected around 11:00 and also for the noon hour. let's get you out to the live hd network, i almost said friday, not quite there yet. on thursday, the marine layer is creating the temperature gradient, the winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. also mid to high level cumulus clouds. a fog storm across san francisco at this point. you can see on the golden gate bridge camera, the cloud cover is moving faster across
6:48 pm
sausalito and tiburon. take a look if you have an hd screen, you can see on the left side of the screen, those are lenticular clouds. when you have the high-powered winds in the jet stream, they are moving in higher elevations with cooler cloud formations. try to google lenticular, they're cool and fast naturecin. all right, the high pressure here, just as we finally get the storm pattern to break. showers, high pressure moving onshore the next three to four days, temperatures increase about ten to 20 degrees. dry northerly winds come around the back side of this, for the fire warnings potentially by sunday and monday. not a high fire danger tomorrow, lots of widespread cloud cover here for all the counties we're highlighting. back in solano, santa cruz, also
6:49 pm
san francisco, and right up into the north bay. but by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine for the interior valleys, all the areas we highlight here. for the east bay down to the south bay. holding onto the cloud cover for san francisco, if you are heading there, you hear visiting, you want to do all the classic san francisco stuff, the breeze, cooler air in place, also cloud cover by the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the morning hours, upper 40s, low 50s. extremes. friday, numbers are not too much warmer, in the south bay, mid-70s to you in san jose. an official high of 71, los gatos, palo alto, 79, the east bay, upper 60s, low 70s, 70 in walnut creek and 78 in the castro valley, and 65 in alameda, right up to bogeda bay,
6:50 pm
80s inland. by next monday we'll go with 90 degrees inland. and low 70s at the coastline, that is when we'll likely have dry, northerly and offshore winds that may prompt some red flag fire warnings. we'll watch that. a real shame, we finally get showers in here and we'll turn back into that fire situation possibly next monday. >> and i wrote it down. lenticular clouds, i'm learning. >> did you google it? >> they're fascinating, let's get to sports. you a little nervous before the big game tonight? >> no, i am confident. i feel good. real good. let's check in on the comcast sports net news room, big game tonight for the warriors. >> reporter: absolutely, raj and jenelle. of all the unusual things happening in the spurs and warriors series, one thing noted that didn't happen. neither the spurs or warriors
6:51 pm
won consecutive games. if this pattern continues the win will go to the home team, the warriors, they are veteran savvy, golden state looks like it is wearing down, and stef cure and his bum ankle, combined to shoot to six and 22 in tuesday's game five loss. for more, we go to oracle, and welcome in henry wilford live. what do you think? >> reporter: well, dave, when the playoffs started so many people talked about the golden state warrior's lack of experience but that didn't hurt them against the denver nugget. they won that series. they have to push them to seven games and beat the san antonio spurs. tonight is game six, curry
6:52 pm
looking to bounce back, the warriors say even though they face the elimination, this is just another game. go out there and do what they do best, play basketball. >> you don't approach it differently, because it -- it may be easier said than done. you have the mentality coming in. we'll have shoot-around, we're going to prepare for another tough battle with the spurs. and try to tie the series up. >> got to pay attention to detail. can't make mistakes. we have to secure the basketball. we can't turn the basketball over. that has hurt us in the series. so i -- think all of those things come into play. minutes, and 48 minutes of our brand of basketball being disciplined and doing the things that we preached about from day one. >> reporter: after losing game five, stef curry was not short on words, making it loud and clear, we were terrible. tonight, the team in the yellow looked to bounce back in a big
6:53 pm
way, they were able to shake horrible losses in the path, we'll see if they can do it tonight and force a game seven of the western conference matchup. reporting from oracle arena. henry wilford, nbc bay é@area. and raffi torres suspended for an illegal hit to the head of los angeles kings forward jared staal, happening tuesday night. torres has been suspended three previous times in his career and is considered a repeat offender under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement. for more, brody brazil. >> reporter: and we're here for round two, the bigger story has got to be the series suspension of raffi torres, i had a chance to talk to his teammates, who say most certainly they will miss his physical and emotional presence on the ice tonight. they say they need to compensate for the loss but don't want to
6:54 pm
over-compensate too much and get away from their game. san jose is very much interested in a win, wanting to send the game home tied at one apiece, but 71% of the teams who won this game also went on to win a best of the seven series in the nhl. we'll have the puck drop for you, 7:00 sharp on the nbc sports network, and then immediately following on the comcast sports next work. and wrote it in the contract, wrote it wrong and then paid it wrong. legally he was within his rights to keep it. morally he felt he couldn't, he gave the money back. affeldt wrote about it in his book "to stir a movement." and giants are trailing, 6-1, raj if they paid you five million instead of your normal four and a half million, would
6:55 pm
you let them know? >> no, i would return it. >> and give it to your co-anchor, so generous. >> give it to jenelle. >> i would share it with the team. >> we'll be right back in a moment.
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among stories we're working on, credit card skimmers found at gas stations at one of the bay area's busiest highways, find out what you need to do to protect your car, that is tonight after hannibal. >> that will do it for us, have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra." tiger shirtless, lindsey vonn in a bikini. all new pics of their private yacht party with his kids. brad pitt, re-emerging after angie's undercover surgery. new details on her undercover mission to keep it a secret, down to wearing disguises. the explosive new michael jackson sex scandal. >> he performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him. you have anything to say to the fans? >> the star choreographer behind britney and justin on the hotseat. >> you're accusing someone who is deceased of criminal activity. >> why cops pulled guns on diddy's car. our new a list interview with
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